1. What to Look For in a Pool Care Company

    If you have a personal residential pool, chances are you — and everyone you know — has been getting plenty of use out of it this year. As promised, the sunshine state has delivered us a hot summer full of pool-perfect days. Undoubtedly, you’ve also had to clean your pool more than a handful of…Read More

  2. Pool Safety for the Entire Family

    Summertime is in full swing here in Florida and is sure to stick around for the long haul. This means long days at the beach or relaxing poolside before the evening rains remind us that it’s dinnertime. If you are one of the 40 percent of Floridians to own your own residential pool, your family (a…Read More

  3. My Pool Turns Green Every Week

    Why Does My Pool Turn Green Every Week? We receive calls daily from pool owners who are frustrated by their pool turning green every week, and the corresponding need to constantly shock their residential swimming pool. While there are several reasons and/or combinations of reasons why a pool turns g…Read More

  4. Prepare Your Pool for Summer Entertaining

    While nearly 40 percent of Florida homes have a pool, if you are one of those homeowners, you already know how popular you become during the summer. If you have a pool at your house and are up to playing summer host to all your pool-less friends, family, and neighbors, we have compiled a list of thi…Read More