Your pool plays an important role in your household. Here in Seminole County, you know how hot and muggy it can get during the summertime, and how a swimming pool can provide the relief necessary to cool off. With a pool in your backyard, you have the opportunity to hop in and find relief during the sweltering summer days, whether that be by yourself, with your friends, or your family.

Using your pool on a weekly and even daily basis is a luxury, but owning a pool also comes with a responsibility — that is, cleaning, maintenance, and repair. Keeping your swimming pool is top condition year-round is essential for the quality and longevity of the pool itself, as well as the health and well-being of you and your family. Investing in regular pool cleaning, both year-round and during the spring and summer months, is a critical aspect of owning a pool.

When it comes time to call the pool cleaners, there’s only one place to call: Florida Pool Care Pros. Our full-service pool cleaning will keep your swimming pool and spa in perfect condition so that you can focus on what’s important — cooling off with a splash!

As professional pool cleaners, we offer two types of cleaning services: full services and chemical only. Our pool care solutions are tailored to meet your needs and budget. Don’t hesitate to contact Florida Pool Care Pros today to get the pool cleaning process started.

Full-Service Pool Cleaning

Whether you know it or not, your pool has different features that keep it up and running in optimal condition. When it comes to cleaning your pool, there are three fundamentals to keep in mind. Your professional pool cleaners will inspect and care for the following during a full-service cleaning.


How well the water in your swimming pool circulates is essential for the overall cleanliness. With proper circulation, algae and bacteria won’t grow as quickly because that water is flowing the way it should.


Although maintaining healthy circulation throughout the pool itself will stave off any unwanted growth, your pool cleaner will also pull out the tools to scrub, brush, and vacuum the pool to further clean it out.


The chemistry of your pool will keep it balanced. Your pool cleaner will know which pool chemicals to use to properly balance the water, so that you can enjoy a splash without worrying about bacteria in the water.

What Our Full-Service Pool Cleaning Includes:

  • Spa and pool cleaning service on a weekly basis
  • Water chemistry testing
  • Pool shocking and pool chemical adjustment when needed
  • Pool pump baskets and pool skimmer emptying
  • Pool filter backwashing and cleaning when necessary
  • Tile scrubbing
  • Pool wall, steps, and seat brushing
  • Leaves/debris skimming
  • Pool vacuuming when needed
  • Pool pump operation inspection
  • Pump lid lubrication and maintenance

In addition to our full-service cleaning services, we offer a Chemical Only cleaning, which includes the following:

  • Weekly pool/spa chemical service
  • Water chemistry testing
  • Pool chemicals and pool shocking service when necessary
  • Pool skimmer and pool pump basket emptying

*Your pool cleaner will inform you of the pool chemicals that were added to your pool with a detailed service slip.

Contact us today to speak with a pool cleaner about our care and maintenance services.