While maintaining a beautifully clean pool can ensure that the water is clean and comfortable for you to relax in, pool maintenance is just as important to ensuring your pool remains functional. Even if your pool is sun-heated, there are plenty of parts that need to remain operable to ensure that your pool is safe and that it remains clean. At Florida Pool Care Pros, we are experienced and equipped to handle all of your pool maintenance needs.

If we identify any issues or concerns with the health of your pool during cleaning we will let you know and will be prepared to repair it. If you identify any issues or concerns with your swimming pool maintenance needs, be sure to call Florida Pool Care Pros for all of your pool care needs today!

Pool Heater Service

The good news is, pool heaters are the least high maintenance pool part, which is good, because in the Florida heat, they are also the least needed part —if it is not operating up to par, chances are, you’ll still enjoy your pool! Your pool heater can often go years without being serviced and is generally easy and inexpensive to have fixed. It is a good idea to have your pool heater inspected by a professional every now and again so that issues can be identified before it begins to malfunction. Sometimes, a simple cleanup of calcium buildup can correct any minor issues before they become big problems!


Swimming Pool Leak Repair

Pool leaks are tricky beasts. If it is a small, slow leak, it may take a while before you even notice it as you may attribute the water loss to evaporation or splashing. However, if you find yourself losing water or refilling your pool frequently, it is time to call the professionals to identify and patch your leaks.

Pool Pump and Filter Inspection and Repair

Your pool’s pump and filter are critical to the livelihood of a safe swimming environment. As the main components of your pool’s circulation system, it is important to make sure that, not only are they routinely cleaned, but are inspected and maintained to ensure optimal performance. At Florida Pool Care Pros, we are experienced in the maintenance and repair of sand filters, cartridge filters, and diatomaceous earth filters.

Opening and Closing Your Pool

While it is possible for us Floridians to overlook opening and closing our pools for the season, it is a good idea to give it your best effort to not skip these steps if there will be a few months that you don’t use your pool. Seminole County does not see below freezing temperatures, so a complete blowout is not necessary, but as part of the winterization process, it allows your pool to get a break and can increase the lifespan of your pool’s components. Winterizing your pool will also help make it quicker and easier to open come spring.