Pool Bottom Repair in Orlando

While every pool may not have a liner, every pool does have a pool bottom. As with any other structure, pool bottoms can become damaged and quick repair is important to protecting the integrity of the rest of the pool. Pool bottoms can become damaged due to various reasons including leaks, erosion, ground movement, and time. When your pool bottom is damaged or in need of repair, you need a competent repair team that you can trust —look no further than Florida Pool Care Pros!

Concrete Pool Repair

Concrete and gunite pools rank as the most popular pool types in the United States. In-ground pools that are dug out and poured, rather than pre-manufactured and installed are generally concrete or gunite. While these materials are sturdy, durable, and watertight, making them the ideal pool building material, they are not without qualities that allow them to be damaged. Concrete can crack, especially when under great force (like ground movements) or if there are hollow spots. Fortunately, concrete and gunite are both relatively easy to repair.

Vinyl Pool Liner Repair

Although some concrete pools are left as just concrete, many are covered with a thin coating of vinyl. The vinyl pool liner helps to protect feet of swimmers as well as the concrete of the pool, all while providing an aesthetic appeal that raw concrete can’t. Common damage to vinyl liners includes tearing, popped bead, and aging above the water line. Vinyl liners are affordable, as is the repair to one. It is important to repair a damaged vinyl liner to continue to protect the porous concrete beneath it. An unrepaired vinyl liner can mean big damage to surrounding materials, so get your vinyl pool liner repaired promptly!

Fiberglass Pool Liner Repair

Fiberglass is a very popular choice of swimming pool building materials. Pools that were manufactured off-site and then installed are fiberglass. The good news is that fiberglass is much more durable than vinyl liners and just like vinyl, doesn’t allow algae growth. The downside to fiberglass pool liners is that if there is damage that needs to be repaired, the entire liner must be resurfaced.

At Florida Pool Care Pros, we understand how important the investment you made in your pool is and would like to help you keep your pool looking and functioning like new. If there is any damage to the pool bottom, give our experienced pool repair experts a call for your free estimate.