Summertime is in full swing here in Florida and is sure to stick around for the long haul. This means long days at the beach or relaxing poolside before the evening rains remind us that it’s dinnertime. If you are one of the 40 percent of Floridians to own your own residential pool, your family (and everyone you know) is sure to spend all of their days in or around the pool. To help your family avoid tragedy this summer (and all year round), we have collected up some helpful tips to keep the whole family safe around the pool this summer.

No lifeguard on duty!

If you have a pool at your home, it is important to teach your entire family pool safety rules and how to swim. Everyone should understand to respect the pool and never play in or around it alone. You should always have safety equipment, such as a flotation device and emergency rescue device, handy. And, it is the best practice that your entire family knows the steps for CPR, just in case!

Little ones should have life vests that they can wear and should never be more than an arm’s  reach from a responsible adult. Close attention should be paid, even when children are in flotation devices. Floatation devices may flip, trapping your child underwater, or they may become stuck on the pool’s vent. If your child is in or near the pool, an observant eye should be on them. Remember that just like in the bathtub, kids can drown in very shallow water.

Protect the pool from unwanted strangers.

Having a pool enclosure, whether it is an indoor pool, in a Florida room, or in a screened enclosure, is always a good idea. This helps keep unwanted visitors from entering your pool, including bugs, gators, and fun-seeking passerbys. This helps keep your pool cleaner and prevents any close encounters with potentially dangerous critters!

Don’t forget the pets.

Pet safety is also important to remember. Dogs are notorious for hopping in the pool for a refreshing swim or in an attempt to get a drink of water. Make sure that your dog does not have free access to the pool. If you do allow your pet to swim along with the rest of the family, make sure that they have access to the same safety devices as your kids and that they are never left unattended. Don’t allow your pets to drink the pool water, because even when it is clean, chlorine and other pool contaminants — sunscreen, bodily fluids — are not good for your pets to drink; instead, provide them with fresh water next to the pool.

No Diving!

If you have a slide or a diving board to accent your pool, these can be great fun or incredibly dangerous, and it all depends on whether they are used properly. Ensure that anyone (of any age) who uses these items knows the rules, can swim, and can respect them. The slide should be checked to ensure it is slick and not too hot before butts slide down it. Diving boards should be installed correctly and the water depth safe for jumping into.

Keep pool parties tame.

Pool parties are always a good time, and there is nothing quite like enjoying a frozen margarita in your backyard pool on a hot day. However, any pool party should remain relatively tame to avoid injury and accidental drowning. If any of your party guests are intoxicated, it is a good idea to limit their pool access. And, be mindful that it is common not to feel the immediate effects of alcohol when you are in the water and that hot tubs can intensify the effects of any substance.

Mind the sunshine.

Florida isn’t called the sunshine state for nothing! With more than 300 average days of bright sunshine, it makes Florida the ideal place to own a pool. While not directly pool related, it is important to always be mindful of the intensity of the Florida sun! Even in a screened-in pool, your day can go south when sunburns arise.

Keep the pool clean.

To keep your pool a hygienic way to enjoy the long summer days, make sure that you are regularly cleaning the pool. Make sure that debris is removed, chemicals are balanced, and filters are regularly cleaned. Fungus, mold, and a host of bacteria can take up residence in a pool that is not regularly cleaned, which can lead to skin infections, GI problems, and even respiratory illnesses in your family. To help reduce the stress of keeping a clean pool, hire a professional pool cleaning service to do it for you!

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